Gambling: They call it Lady Luck


Due to the Lotto and scrape cards and internet casinos, even more women than ever before are now developing a gambling issue.

According to government statistics, 60 percent of adults in the UK pay as much as 50 a month gambling at the gambling shop or on Lotto. As the result of changes arriving fleetingly, the sum spent in this country per year is forecast to go up from the current #42 billion to #60 billion.

And despite official figures informing us a mere 1 percent of these have made unmanageable gaming customs, Gamblers Anonymous have found that they’ve had an increase of 17 percent in calls for help. GamCare has also seen a growth in requests for his or her counseling services.สล็อต

Women have consistently mastered the Bingo scene, where they outnumber men, 70% to 30%. The common age is under 50 and the average invest an evening (including beverages and food ) is #20.

Women tend not to visit casinos and betting shops, and prefer on-line gaming as an alternative where they have the awareness of its being safer, less intimidating, more pleasurable, more inviting and where they are able to remain anonymous.

Since they are seduced by the escapism of online shopping, developing a online gambling dependence, since they are encouraged by the on line sites to produce alternative truths: a different identity; and also play together with the dream it’s not real money they’re playing .

There are something like 1700 gambling websites, including casinos, bingo halls, lotteries. Some thing to fulfill everybody’s tastes. And of course, they’re open round the clock.

As says Lysette Offley of Seems Favorable in Henley on Thames, at which hypnosis for gaming addiction can be used: We are fast approaching a time once the amount of individuals in the UK using broadband access to the internet will over take those on dial up, therefore access and availability to online betting is rising. Not surprisingly, issues are predicted to grow ”

So what could a person do about any of it if they feel that their habit leaving hands?

“Get assistance now. Do not ignore it on ,” says Lysette. “There is loads of specialist help available and many ways to quit gambling. I see people regularly that can turn their lives around with only a small help figure out how to quit gambling. And of course there are self service products too which can help tremendously. Why do you play the victim of your addiction when you can do some thing about it?”

Sounds Favorable specialises in fully downloadable self hypnotherapy services and products, incorporating other psychology techniques such as NLP and EFT. Stop Gambling can be found from their site.

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